Lucy Faye wedding singer and Kasper Jensen guitar player at Costa del sol wedding duo


Guitar duo

Endorsed artist Kasper Viggo Jensen brings talent, technical precision and melodic mastery to this enigmatic ensemble. As a global touring guitarist and acclaimed music producer, Kasper brings originality and authenticity to the duos set list that simply sets it apart. Bespoke acoustic versions and beautifully crafted cover songs vocalised by Lucy Faye and instrumentally enhanced by Kasper Viggo Jensen, ensure that the melodies to your marriage are unlike any other.


Violin duo

Quike Navarro is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the wedding industry. An endorsed violinist with a huge international following, Quike has the classical creativity and the skilful showmanship to perform the perfect playlist alongside Lucy Faye. From traditional church music to dance-floor fillers, Quike’s violin virtuosity captivates audiences everywhere. Known for their unrivalled professional collaborations spanning over a decade, Lucy Faye and Quike Navarro continue to be the most desirable artists within the wedding scene.

Lucy Faye and Quike Navarro best wedding singer and violin player in the Costa del Sol